Why choose us for Live-in care services

Golden Willow Care Services has years of experience in providing trusted, experienced and qualified care staff to some of the largest and reputable organisations as well as individuals. We pride ourselves on the work of our care staff and providing specialised care staff 24 hours a day at no extra cost.

Our trusted,qualified care staff work with various client groups such as Elderly, homelessness, mental health, substance misuse and many more,

iOur live-in care service provides you with an alternative to a residential or nursing home. we match you with our trusted qualified carer who  lives with you, in your home, providing round-the-clock support. Our Live-in care service allows you to stay in your own home and within familiar settings, social life and stay more independent. 

Contact us for an affordable Live-in Carer

Excellent Live-care services

Live-in Care provides a 24hr round the clock care solution as an affordable alternative to moving into a care home.

Research shows that most people prefer staying at home than moving into a care Home and our Live in care services enable our clients to achieve this.


We offer Trusted, Qualified Live-in carers 

At Golden Willow Care Services we bost a strong team of qualified, trusted and experienced carers who go through our vetting system and continously continue being trained in order support all our clients with dignity and humane quality care.


One to one help in your own Home

Live-in care is the perfect alternative to a care home and its lalso the cheaper option.

Our Live-in carers will offer you a personalised care solution that is suited to just you unlike in a care home. With 24hr care, the risks are minimised with our carer offering services like Housework, meal preparation,shopping and more.


Aim to promote living independent lives

All our carers work to the aim of promoting independent lives and chosing our live-in care services will enable you to stay in our own home, live the life you want without restrictions on what you eat, when you go out or get visited and other aspects of independent life that get taken away once placed in a care home.

What Happens after You call us

Your Qualified Carer will be made available to care for you,day and night within 24hrs of your call, We will match you with a specialised carer along with a Contact from our team who together will handle and make sure that all your care needs are met in a manner that you feel suits you.


All our carers work to a care plan which will be devised and presented to them by the Care manager who is tasked to attend your residence regularly for a review of the work carried out by our trusted carers


Our Care managers will be reacheable by you or your family members throughout your care period, devloping your care needs and make further care adjustments where and when necessary.

24hr Help with Tasks

Hygiene help

help with cleaning

Help with cooking



Whether it's the little cares and attentions we can offer our clients on a daily basis or a real need for loving care: our work is always focused on the human individual who requires care and support and who has a right to the same humane treatment that he or she has known throughout life. Dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity are all practised by our highly trained and committed carers who help to create a trusting and personal relationship with all our clients


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